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That was Sweet smooth animation and its funny great combination

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pretty cool managed to get high score my name is MERKLE on high score list

Score of 86 all time low for me

I got a score of 86 while trying to get no damage going down the stairs...anyway SWEET GAME its pretty sweet and keep making other games your good at it

Sweet Game

dude that was sweet great job!

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you really need to work on your flow and delivery man. It sounds like your asking questions when youre trying to deliver your punchlines. expand your vocabulary and ditch the basic and corny lines. The flow doesn't seem to match the beat either. Keep working though, most people don't even have the balls to post shit on here.

lasekx responds:

Thanks bro, I really do appreciate the input.
I've been working on my flow since uploading this and it has gotten better.
I'll be uploading some more content soon though.

Respect man, I can vibe to this.


I've listned to quite a few of your songs now and I have to say you are one of my favorite artists here on newgrounds. I love your metal songs and they take the true form metal is supposed to have. I love playing my guitar and when I hear something like this it makes me pick mine up. Anyway congrats and cant wait to hear more! Your music is an inspiration.

Burn7 responds:

Wow, thanks a ton dude! I love hearing about people that actually come back and check out more stuff and like it all :P

Really, thanks.

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I think graffiti is a very underated art form and should be more appreciated. I know I love busting out some spray cans and my airbursh and just painting graffiti on cardboard boxes sometimes :P well...off topic. Anyway I think this is perfect how you combined these two. I love mario and I think its awesome how you implemented a lot of key elements besides just Mario. I think this is amazing, favorited. Keep up the excellent work!

My name is John. I reside in Syracuse, New York and I am a music artist here on newgrounds. I hope you enjoy my stuff!

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